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 Iconix Technology Sdn. Bhd., founded in 8 November 2013, works on improving and simplifying seamless digital lifestyle integration, productivity and competitiveness in applications such as smart city, smart factory or Industry 4.0, smart retail, smart devices and autonomous control system. Currently, we are serving across different industries from government agencies to academic institution as well as manufacturing industries. 

We provide IoT and automation technologies related products and services including middleware development, software engineering, cloud-based applications, building automation with integrated energy efficiency and automation control system for various industries such as manufacturing, wastewater treatment plants and education.

User Benefits. Users gain a convenient way to connect devices, perform data analytics and decision making with their preferred programming language through the following features:

  • PC-based Open Control system for advanced automation and system integration.
  • Cloud Computing platform to perform Big Data Analytic and cloud-based applications and services.
  • Best available Internet of Things technologies to enable the internet connectivities of devices through gateway and smart devices.
  • On-line Community, which features specialized applications with seamless integration capability.

Business Partner Benefits. By working with Iconix Technology Sdn. Bnd., business partners benefit from increased access to a growing population that will come to regard MyIoX as its most connected Internet of Things platform. Specific services include:

  • Middleware & APIs development, which enable seamless integration of hardware to internet.
  • One-stop platform for, applications development, connection, production and enhancement management.
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Explaing Beckhoff Automation controllers to visitors  at Penang Office

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20150527111115
Our founder Mr. Kevin Tan with Mr Hans Beckhoff (founder of Beckhoff)

As part of our commitment to be leading industry player in the Internet of Things industry, we are also a IBM Global Entrepreneur Programme partner. In 2014, our MyIoX, an Internet of Things platform by Iconix Technology was nominated as one the finalist in IBM SmartCamp ASEAN region. 
Unnamed QQ Screenshot20150527111115
Mr Kevin Tan at IBM Singapore

Building Automation System


Iconix Technology provide industrial grade building automation systems ranging from room control automation, floor level automation to a complete building control automation systems. Our building automation system offers scalability and modularity for ease of expansion and supports up to 400 types of different I/O data connection points and we support all common actuator and sensors.

Iconix Technology building automation systems is flexible and will be tailored to our customers’ requirements. We provide a wide range of building system functions and technologies such as HVAC control, lighting control, access or door control system and remote maintenance system.

HVAC Control

To minimise the usage of energy for cooling purpose, we control the room temperature via a schedule-based energy level option. In the case of long absences, the premise is switched to “Idle” at the lowest required energy level to prevent damage from overheating. During working time, the cooling system will be set to “Pre-comfort”, where the temperature is almost at the target temperature. When occupancy is detected or room is scheduled for usage, the cooling system will switch to “Comfort” mode, quickly reaching the appropriate temperature set value.

Lighting Control

When the room is occupied, the daylight strength is measured to determine whether to reduce or increase the intensity of artificial lights. If the room is empty, the lights will be switched off. Lightings can also be controlled by demands, occupancy, and also daylight.

Shades Control

Optimising the usage of sunlight is important to reduce energy usage. In the case of strong sunlight, the blades/shades are positioned in such a way that the light strength is met while minimising the need of the artificial lighting.

Access Control

Security and door access control is essential for any commercial buildings. Doors can be locked or unlocked via various means such as RFID identification systems, remote control systems and scheduler systems. Room or office info can be logged into a separate database for inspection and monitoring purposes.

Remote Maintenance

Remote diagnostic, control and maintenance is needed due to the complexity of building automation systems. For uninterrupted building operation, swift support from specialist is needed and requires instant access to information on process variables, along with warnings and error messages that can be logged and send via e-mails or SMS alerts for example.


All building automation systems are programmed and parameterised with TwinCAT. The engineering environment has been designed for all popular programming standards in the IT and automation fields from IEC 61131 to C/C++. Predefined software modules simplify the engineering process, and functional enhancements or modifications are possible at anytime.

TwinCAT support open protocol for communication via ADS through programming language such as:

  • C/C++
  •  .NET
  • Delphi
  • Java  
  • JavaScript  
  • WebService
  • WCF 

The Bus Terminal Controllers and PCs communicate right into the room automation level via an Ethernet network. This way, lower level fieldbus technology is not necessary in many projects. Additional gateways for mapping the data from lower-level fieldbuses are therefore not required. Here are a list of supported IO fieldbus and fieldbus systems.


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